Tuesdays @ 7 pm

Tuesdays at 7 pm, we are studying Reformation theology as found in the first evangelical Catechisms of 1529. Please see the schedule below.

While teaching at the University of Wittenberg in Germany, Dr. Martin Luther became aware of the lack of knowledge that the average Christian had regarding the basics of the Christian Faith. Thus, he wrote two evangelical catechisms. The first was a smaller more concise edition meant for use in the Christian household. The second was a larger more depth edition meant for the education of the clergy. The Reformation was a movement of instilling Christ centered information to the people of Europe. Yet, this was more than just information, it was a reorientation of the heart toward God. The evangelical catechisms were summaries of the Bible. Keep in mind the average person was not reading the Bible. Thus, Luther summarized the Christian Faith by instructing Christians on what God desires of us (Ten Commandments), what God has done for us (Apostles’ Creed), and how we are to pray (the Lord’s Prayer). In addition, he leads the Christian into a richer understanding of the Christian identity in Christ as one who daily dies to sin and lives to God’s glory (Baptism), who confesses sins and receives forgiveness (Confession), and who is sustained in body and soul by eating (Lord’s Supper). In April of 1529, Martin Luther published the Large Catechism. This April marks the 490th anniversary of Luther’s evangelical catechisms. For information on the Small Catechism click here.